Friday, July 25, 2008

Microsoft + Yahoo + Google + Apple = my 2 cents

Not being a great business person, or ever having run a large corporation, or really understanding (caring) about corporate politics or knowing how the stock market really values companies - makes me the perfect person to provide an opinion on the Microsoft/Yahoo/Google happenings.......

First off - my views on each company (perhaps I'll get a job offer from this):
  • With all the negative press about Microsoft - I still credit them with providing a stable, widely accepted operating system that made PC's usability by the masses (300 million people can't be completely wrong). Bill Gates is a business genius and a real techie....
  • Yahoo - is the starting point for me - I use Yahoo mail for years and have been very happy. Their ability to combine content and services is outstanding (one of the few to survive from the ole' days)
  • Google - well, they're Google - something like 90% of all searches start there - people easily associate the Internet with Google....and making Billions of $ from providing searches to other people's websites is pretty incredible....
  • Apple - highly innovative, usability focused (most of the time), the current hip standard (7% of the market now...??)
(now checking email for job offers)
Here's my 2 cents:
  • at the end of the day all will disappear and new mega-companies will emerge.
  • any corporate/directional decisions made will have minimal impact to me.
  • the open market where consumers decide, based on at least a 100 variables (chaos theory), will determine what happens and the decisions made by the big corporate honchos will never be able to be based on any predictable model that can determine that
In other words: Who Cares, where's my pay-day and lets see what's coming around the technology corner

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