Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The joy of simple

I was recently redoing a web site for a karate school and was reintroduced into what simple is.  I initially started with Drupal and spent about 3 days installing modules, modifying CCK (custom content kit or something like that), playing around with the theme, etc. and got nowhere but frustrated.  I rethought what I was trying to do and the type of site needed and realized that Drupal was an overkill and base PHP a little less then needed - so I went back to a PHP framework (Codeigniter) that I had an easy time picking up and using and found a simple them via CSS Zen Garden to base the look of the site on....and within 3 hours (not days) - I had the base site done and another day the site is up and complete: http://www.masystems.org/ a simple site that links to external tools (Ning for social networking, ZenFolio for pics and Blogger for news)...never use a tool just to use it or because you think it's the right one, use the right tool, the simplest tool - all based on the current and near term need of the project.  Lesson relearned!

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