Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sometimes ignorance is genius

What are limitations? and how are they set? Some are physical, but the most impactful ones, the ones that affect us on a daily basis are often self-induced:
  • that's not how we do things around here
  • management (aka the man) said no
  • this is the best way
  • I need to get this done, no time to think about it
Experts are those that often don't know any better then those with real inspiration.  We often see the best results from new-hires because they are not pulled down by corporate culture, group-think and general noise.  Take a look at Cliff Young - an Australian marathon runner who was clearly out of his league, but won because he didn't know the pre-existing unofficial rules.....

My advice to succeed: Find out what the rules are and then go out of your way breaking each're bound to hit gold.

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