Sunday, January 11, 2009

Will electric cars be the major benefit from this recession

I'm no economic genius and have a limited understanding of the great depression, but from what I can glue together, there were some benefits from the prior Great Depression including:
  • electricity to the outlying areas (West Va is used as an example)
  • more federal government involvement in our daily lives
  • the beginning of major infrastructure projects such as dams and roads
According to this NY Times article 
it seems the US Car makers are 'moving' (or being moved) to focus on electric cars.  Prior reasoning to why they resisted ranges from pure economical (it costs more) to conspiracy (the oil industries didn't want to lose control of their power).  Could it be that the shear force of the Fed to move US Automakers to produce these electric cars cause the US to adopt them en mass - basically priming the pump for future consumption?  Is this a move from consumption based economic policy to supply based? Am I aimlessly rambling? Maybe....will this tendency of producing and therefore people consuming flow it's way into the normal business flow? and if so how does that change the typical project management planning process (defining benefits and costs)...

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