Monday, March 16, 2009

The wrong task for the right job

A task as defined by Webster’s Dictionary ( is a usually assigned piece of work to be finished in a certain time. What often happens in developing project plans is the ‘tossing’ of all potential, real and imagined tasks into a project management tool, many of which are:
  • non-conformable – you really can’t define what done means for this task
  • non-critical – the completion of the task is irrelevant to the success of the project
  • non-clusive. – does not fully define all the work required leaving additional work to be performed that is not tracked.

The biggest downside to ‘bad’ tasks are that they reduce the confidence level of the entire plan and in the project manager. Rule of thumb – back to Occam’s razor which I often refer to (correctly or otherwise) – track the minimal tasks required to ensure project success. A project’s worth is not in its thickness (as reference to college papers), but in its ability to help focus the team.

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