Sunday, July 19, 2009

Improvements through dumb’ing down (aka simplification)

The Wii, Google’s planned new OS, the web interface (compared to client/server), PC’s, the iPhone (compared to laptops) all have an interesting thing in common – improvement through simplification (aka dumb’ing down)…it seems to be a cyclic experience, where things (anything) grow in complexity until someone rediscovers the base benefit, removing the excess/gold-plating and providing a major improvement through reductionism rather than increased functionality…pure beauty.

I think we’ve seen the same process take place a few years ago with XP/Agile and since then the increasing complexity being added to the base Agile theme.

Lessons learned: Look to dumb’ing down any existing process, don’t listen to:
  • that’s the way its always been done
  • if we just add this one thing it would make everyone’s life better
  • I think JoJo the monkey boy from Finance uses that application…so we need to spend $1 million when upgrading to support it
Be brave and cut the phatt

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