Wednesday, October 27, 2010

10 Commandments of Project Management

ONE: You shall have no other goals but Business Success

TWO: You shall not make for yourself anything that is already made and working, not process, not group, not support groups, not teams

THREE: You shall not take the name of the Business in vain, you are the Business and need to represent it well to all

FOUR: Remember to rest and relax and enjoy life

FIVE: Honor your family and your boss

SIX: You shall not indiscriminately fire employees or stop work

SEVEN: You shall not steal resources from other groups

EIGHT: You shall not harm other Business units or Partners

NINE: You shall not falsely report either to enhance yourself or take away from others

TEN: You shall not covet another team you shall not covet another teams clients, nor their team members nor their tools, nor their projects, not anything that belongs to another team


  1. This post is funny. Yet, It got a point.

    You should focus yourself in your project, follow these commandments, then success is a sure achievement! Great work!

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  3. True points. Thank you for sharing, we can all get a reminder now and then on what is important in life and how to keep everything on the respectful level of work.