Friday, May 20, 2011

What we got here is a failure to communicate

Communication comes in many forms....some more direct than others.What people say (meetings, emails, etc.) is often not what they want to communicate, but often just a gentle, comforting bandage for what has happened OR about to happen.  The old 'we reward team work' talk followed by decisions to have the team work physically apart or rewarding individuals is a good example of this.  What is being communicated is that they value specific people within the group, for whatever reason, and want those around 'the chosen' to follow and do as needed to support them (not really team work is it?).

I often hear people complain that MANAGEMENT doesn't listen or understand...well, management is in the same boat as everyone else and the ones that make it to that level understand (either through skill, attrition or luck) what is expected of them and react accordingly.  When management say's 'Quality is essential' and then reduces the QA group...what they are really saying is 'you programmers better start coding better, because our costs are to high and your output to weak'.......not 'we plan on putting more $ into the group to ensure quality'.

Don't get frustrated and discouraged, open your eyes, understand what is really being communicated and either accept it or not.........

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