Sunday, December 24, 2006


It's amazing how much communication goes on without people even realizing it. Communication is an intense subject that everyone does naturally, but few understand even the basics...including myself.

Every move you make, every sound you intone, things you wear, how you write an your prior history contributes to the message. Communication is impacted on time and culture. What may be a positive message today might be looked at differently tomorrow based on what has transpired between.

Rudolf Arheim book on Art and Visual Perception is a great starting point in how information is transferred and what impacts the receiver. What can be said for art can be easily applied to verbal communication and in the end they all tie in together. Another great read is ANYTHING from Edward Tufte ANYTHING. When I first saw the Napoleon's March poster in his book I had a huge revelation - I started to look at the data being presented from ALL computer programs and realized the difference between data and information.

Note sure where I'm going with this, but I would expect to try to provide some good and bad communication experiences and how communication is the core to successful project management.

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