Saturday, January 20, 2007

Communication Planning

Do we even have to plan communication? YES! How else can you ensure that risk of miss-communication is mitigated? What if a critical resource is not updated to an issue? Finance is not informed of a project related billing change? YOUR BOSS IS NOT TOLD OF AN ISSUE PRIOR TO FINDING OUT FROM THEIR BOSS? Better think of the impact of what miss-communication can have on a project: coordination of resources, issue management and logistics are the key areas of risk. Ever lose a week because someone didn't know that the preceding work was complete sooner then expected - so you end up losing any productivity gain you might have experienced ('Gee - no one told me the product was ready for testing...'). Ever spend days explaining why an end user didn't have access to their application for an hour ('...gee, I need to know when I'm not able to use the product so I can inform the staff to fall back to paper files for our order taking...').

What should be tracked in a Communication Plan?

Here's the link:
The basics: What, When (trigger point), Who sends, How is it sent, to Where is it sent to, Why is it sent and What is expected.

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