Saturday, January 13, 2007

What should be included and tracked in a Project Tool

I recently started to use QuickBase , which I would highly recommend, and modified it to manage what I thought would be the most valuable project info - so, I figured that I would share that EXCITING info.

  • Base Project Info - name, start/end dates, description, project manager, company (that project is being completed for)
  • Tasks - duh - of course
  • Issues - Any issues found during the testing phase (any testing phase) of the project.
  • Resources - who and what they do
  • Risks - yep, can't live with them, can't live without them - the typical info including potential of occurring and impact if they occurred
  • Change Request - what the change request was, who requested it, approval indicators for all parties, impact to project (cost and scope), etc.
  • Deliverables - what are the project deliverables - and their status (open, met, removed, etc.)
There are details for each of the above items, such as date of entry, subject, description, who it's assigned to, etc. With this information at hand and a real time tool instead of a enter/print/forget tool (MS Project) I see the management of projects just as difficult (tools don't fix people or problems), but the communication, overall picture/status and at-your-fingertip information much easier.

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