Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Project Management Tools..........what to look for

Tools enhance they do not replace people's productivity.....
Can anyone really provide a fair comparison between PM tools? There are different dimensions that need to be taken into consideration, such as the PM methodology, corporate culture, maturity level of the group and related teams, type of industry, etc. Let's look at something simple - hammers - how many different types of hammers are there? Many....you would think (I did) that there would be a very limited number of hammer (like) tools - but guess what - there isn't.........for those interested here's a good list of types: http://www.hammernet.com/select.htm
To get back on track a bit - the base requirements I would look for in a PM tool is:
  • it fits the PM methodology I'm currently using
  • it fits the corporate culture (CYA is probably the #1 reason for MS Project)
  • the teams are ready for a tool and level of tool being used
  • it provides more benefit them MS Excel and paper

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