Wednesday, August 22, 2007

System Life Span

In a recent blog ( - I started to think about (yes - I write to help think) - how complexity of systems decrease their total usefulness, flexibility, etc. and make it more difficult to maintain and modify (this is based on an article I read - referenced in the blog posting above). Could the life span of a system have anything to do with the level of value? We often think the the longer a system is around the more value that is derived from it....but is that true? Obviously there's a return on investment (ROI) that needs to be considered - but does that conflict with opportunity and future development? So that a system that is around 'to long' negatively impacts the overall opportunity of the business needs surrounding the formulation of that system and also negatively impacts potential future new developments? Does a system that becomes a legacy system increase costs of other newer systems that integrate with it and reduces potential business opportunities? It would make sense that is does.......

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