Monday, September 15, 2008

A truly interesting story

What the real truth is....who knows:
Everyone in IT knows of an admin that has had some 'personal' connection to the network - something that is often fostered and looked on as positive, but what if it gets out of hand? Or what if the admin REALLY does have the network's best interest in mind and the higher-ups are really impacting security going through CYA motions? Should there be a 'special' agreement between those in charge and those overlooking the network? Someway to put vital info in escrow to ensure the network is transferable? Some hot-button the admin can hit when higher-ups are indeed endangering the network? Thank goodness most IT people have high integrity and are mostly focused on solving issues otherwise the lack of mutual trust and transparency would surely impact every company every time an admin moves on (or is moved on).

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