Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Value of Teams on mid-size projects

There’s a gray area of project size (scope and complexity) that may or may not require a team to complete, this is the focus of this discussion. The determination of what that gray area is, is a completely subjective/fuzzy call by those in position to make that decision.
Personally, I have always leaned towards having the fewest people involved in any project, this is based on my feeling that any additional communication, management or human interaction than required exponentially adds to the risk level of the project – however – I might be wrong. What if the team is well established, mature and requires minimal management? (Ideal situation of course)…what value could having more people than required on a single project?
  • Higher quality product and more productive if an XP type of team programming is in place.
  • Chance to develop a Jr. member on the team
  • Continued reinforcement of the team model and on-going success record
  • Direct transfer of knowledge to a backup person
I’m beginning to think, with the right team, on a project that can be team-developed or is decoupled enough for multi-people to work on – the leaning towards more people rather than fewer is the right approach.


  1. I used to be more of a proponent of small project teams as they could be more agile than one requiring a standard team. I see this as a contrast similar to a Star Trek I vs. Star Trek II approach. My background is mainly with software projects, where you could bypass the process to get a customer out of a bind and be a hero (Star Trek I), but you do pay a price, which is usually quality. With a standard team (Star Trek II) you get rigor, which means a formal code review from a different pair of eyeballs and QA by a team who wants to break the program. Good software change management products enforce a process by which every emergency change is considered temporary, so has to be backed up by a standard change process that has a review, full testing and approval process. I am definitely in the big team camp.

    Pradeep Bhanot, Product Marketing Director, CA Clarity, CA

  2. Work as a team is better than a group work
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