Monday, May 4, 2009

What Project Management Lessons I learned from watching bowling

Bowling is one of the few sports I can enjoy watching and I’m sure it’s a sign of my increasing age. Here are some bowling lessons I’ve learned that I think are directly applicable to project management:
  • You’re known for your last lose (failure) more then all the prior wins
  • No matter how good you bowl, know the lanes, no matter how many prior frames you had strikes in, the next frame is an unknown…
  • Few bowlers bowl a perfect game
  • The professional bowlers don’t look at each other much….they tend to focus on their own game and not how the other bowler is doing 
  • No matter how geeky your shoes look, how out of date your shirt is, if you’re good people will pay you and others will watch in admiration
  • One bad frame does not always mean a lost game

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