Saturday, August 1, 2009

Front loading success

In a recent article, Tom DeMarco stated that Software Engineering is an idea whose time has come and gone, basically stated that heavy management /oversight is mostly needed for projects that have minimal benefit and those projects with the most to offer require less…and that the real effort should be focused on ensuring the right projects are selected and then on anything that will help those projects have the highest probability of success.
If that’s true, than we need to ensure that we focus on ensuring that all processes in place allow for the least friction to the project team while ensuring focus is on front-loading success factors into all projects: from selection of the project, team selection and management selection. Just as QA’s real benefit is ensuring quality processes are in place, from requirements writing to delivery, a project manager’s real benefit to an organization is in ensuring the right project is selected and that it is given the proper start in life to succeed…unfortunately most PM’s are still looked to for delivering daily project updates and bad news about slipped dates. (just like QA is looked to performing post code complete testing)…
No matter which project management process or SDLC is selected, no matter what quality team is used or outstanding platform – a ill conceived project will fail and potentially cause collateral damage to the business.
We, PM’s, need to remain open minded to new ideas and be brave enough to speak out when needed.

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