Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happily looking stupid

Being able to look stupid has many advantages in project management
I’ve recently been thinking about one of my biggest strengths: willingness to look stupid in front of people. I think I first realized this power when I first started to play the harmonica with local bands at bars (some of which were actually ok as long as I was outside the bar)…

Being comfortable with looking stupid has allowed me to:
  • Ask the stupid question that everyone think everyone else knows, but no one really does
  • Question why the go-live dates are being pulled in, when all indications show that the project delivery dates should be moved out
  • Ask a top developer why the suggested confusing/mind-boggling approach is the best
  • Not show up for mandatory meetings, when the meeting agenda is about setting up other meetings or when no agenda is present
  • Not stay late when there’s no other reason than to look good in front of the boss
  • Ask HR why such wonderful company policy about safe/happy work environments and balanced work/family time is never really inforced
  • Question why cost cutting is the focus instead of opportunity taking
  • Keep trying to promote change based on issues and not symptoms
  • Ask why exceptions that happen all of the time are considered exceptions

Looking stupid has not always been easy, but as time goes on and I feel more confident in myself the more looking stupid seems to be the right thing to do

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  1. Looking stupid is not the same as being stupid. There are a lot of stupid people and they are to stupid to realize who they are. I don't believe that you are one of them, you are an exception.

    Mr. S.