Monday, October 26, 2009

Make your own something

Another great idea presented on FLOSS Weekly (, MakeBot ( – basically an open source 3d durable product printer. You create or use another’s design to print out the object in 3d, could be used to actually make something useful (scissors were mentioned on the show as something to be worked on). Imagine the ability to make simple replacement products, used by car repair shops, home hobbyist, designers, toy makers, etc. Potentially reducing the need and reducing the cost of making simple things overseas…and it’s under $1,000 TODAY! Imagine in a few years what this could mean? Perhaps a device that will bring creativity back to the US shores….however you look at it, its one of the more interesting Open Source initiatives around (beats another CMS).

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  1. Like many FLOSS Weekly episodes, I wanted to go right out and play with the thing we just discussed. I guess I'm hitting the right topics then. :)