Monday, November 16, 2009

Escape Velocity – aka kick starting a project

Starting a project is often as difficult as ending a project (successfully). In my opinion, a projects success is largely based on the psychology make up of the company and more importantly the direct team. A highly motivated, functional, capable team can perform wonders…a team without the cohesion, dedication and determination needed for the given project will easily and quickly fail. One of the critical stages in a project is the start of one, a given project that is delayed, pushed to the side, ignored, frowned upon by management and/or delivery team will fail before it starts – how motivated can a team be when they are given a project no one wants or cares about, a self fulfilling prophecy. To help ensure a successful project delivery, a good project manager will recognize the need to get the team ‘pumped up’ about what they are doing, motivate them from the start, aggressively start the project and do what is required to keep the momentum going…just like basic physics, a stationary or slow moving object requires more energy to move…a project that is blasted off, heading in the right direction and one where all team members are locked in step will be have a much higher potential of success…no planning, Gantt chart print outs, pounds of documentation will replace the team’s determination positive or otherwise. Projects succeed by the will of the team – period.

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