Thursday, November 5, 2009

Old technology is everywhere

I’ve been through the Old Iron Mainframe to Mini to PC transition, the standalone computer to everything/everyone connected phase, the computer as a tool to the computer is everything transition and now I’m seeing the computer is everywhere/everything to the smart phone switch.

Just recently I finally broke down and brought myself an iPhone. The famous, mind numbing, can do everything device that I thought was over played/over hyped. Well, I was very wrong and I am now realizing the smartphone switch that is/has-been happening very fast and very dramatically. Everyone is connected to everything from everywhere all the time. There’s good and bad in everything, but lets focus on the good:

  • no more missed calls or being out of touch
  • no more being lost
  • no more not knowing what’s going on from your friends level to the international level
  • the ability to shop smartly
  • the ability to plan smartly
  • the ability to adjust quickly and inform all
  • the ability to pay without cash or card
  • the ability to be entertained anywhere
  • storing memories, sharing experiences

Basically anything today that you have to ‘go to’ to use is being removed to be with you – or part of you. It’s an amazing shift, bigger then (but because of) all prior technology shifts over the last 50 years.

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  1. old technology work ots very hard but that time hard now a days to easy beacause hard work are its benofit now.