Thursday, March 22, 2007

Not much you can't do.......

Just finished watching Cast a Giant Shadow for the 20th time - the story of the birth of Israel, Mickey Marcus and the Road to Jerusalem. Being Jewish, perhaps it meant a bit more to me then it would to most. IT DOES reinforce the believe that I have that There's not Much You Can't Do. When confronted with a problem (barrier):
  • make sure you understand what it is - don't focus on the symptom and not the problem. What is it that you're trying to resolve, accomplish, etc. - remove the noise from the system ASAP.
  • realize that the most limiting factor in coming up with the solution is usually YOU - preconceived limitation, to narrow of a focus, to deep in the weeds....start with the approach that nothing is not possible - there are no inherit limitations in developing the solution
  • keep it simple - overly complex solutions often add to the problem instead of resolving it
  • keep the focus - don't get distracted
  • be positive - there are always reasons not to do something, always potential for failure - move forward bravely
  • keep things in perspective - MOST OF US are not dealing with life critical issues...MOST OF US are not catching babies falling from the sky (but some of us are - not me - but some of us)

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