Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Visualize Success

In order to be successful, you need to visualize what success is. We are so driven to do things and make improvements and develop road maps of change, etc. that we often lose sight of where we are going. Many times as we try to create a road map, we limit ourselves based on past experiences, imagined barriers and preconceived notions. Yes - we are our own greatest limiting force. When I start to work on a new proposal, the first thing I do is try to imagine what success looks like, without any limitations.

Now I'm not one to be real touchy-feely about things or to evangelize a happy place, but I do know that there is not much that can't be done. By having a solid vision of success without limiting factors provides us with an end point - the fun starts as we try to develop a plan to get us there. It's amazing how much can be done and how many barriers could come down if we truly understand success and are able to communicate it to others. As Grandpa use to say 'the toughest part about getting a job done is starting it'. Next time you get a chance to work on a new plan - start with the vision of a very successful conclusion and then build the plan to get there.

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