Saturday, October 6, 2007

for $10.....

Result: website and analytics engine with images, slideshows, movies, books for sale
Cost: $10 (for the domain name)
Evidence: or for the group start page.

Using Google Apps, Google Analytics, Flickr, Amazon and Youtube in 5 hours I was able to put together a relatively decent looking point-of-presence website with some items (books) for sale where I receive a commission. In addition I can add up to 200 users, share calendars, various types of documents, etc.......First thought across my mind was - big deal....BIG DEAL?? A few years ago, putting a website together with the above could well have cost a lot more money (the $10 again was to register the domain name for a year)....and for a decent looking site A LOT MORE MONEY! Yes - web development is indeed a commodity, like toasters, PC's and opinions - everyone will have one for nearly free. Those who depend on simple to moderate website development better find a new trade. Website and basic business system (docs management and scheduling) for $10...??? WOW!

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