Wednesday, October 31, 2007 interesting approach

My investigation into Amazon's S3 lead me to - the site seems to utilize S3 for it's data storage. provides an excel/spreadsheet interface (similar to Google Docs) that can be shared and contains certain functionality to send out email, it's the primary PM's tool with added features and an easy approach to sharing, etc. At first I wasn't impressed, then I realized that is giving PM's what they use 90% of the time instead of forcing a PM to work in a predefined/standard tool such as MS Project, BaseCamp, QuickBase, etc. ENLIGHTENMENT! Genius! A simple, easy to use tool....a better hammer! Something that will provide quick and consistent benefit! No fancy mousetrap here.....

For those of you interested in a simple PM tool, that users will find very intuitive, a quick learning curve, etc. - I would suggest looking into

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