Monday, October 22, 2007

QuickBase - 1 year later

  • I've been using QuickBase for about a year now AND I'm still happy with it. Is it the prettiest, easiest to use, stylish PM tool out there?? No. But it provides the basics and the flexibility that make it a very good tool. I was able to take their base PM application template and add release management, risk management, change control, root cause analysis and client specific fields easily. Intuit hosts (ASP) the tool and outside of a few outages (2 hours out of a year) - it's been steady and recoverable. There are groups dedicated to helping with coding advice, etc. For the more adventourous you could connect to QuickBase via open API calls - pulling/pushing data from databases, emails, etc. Some of the weak points include:
  • building multi-level task lists
  • create task dependencies
  • 'prettying' up reports, print outs
Overall great tool, very flexible and very stable.

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