Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Effective web design = Effective project presentation

Here's a link to effective web design:

the same concepts could (should) be used for effective project materials presentation:
  1. Don't make team members think - presented information should be clear
  2. Don't squander the team's patience
  3. Manage to focus their attention (focus on high risk/high value areas)
  4. Strive for feature/tool exposure (let them know/understand available tools to help manage the project)
  5. Make use of effective writing
  6. Strive for simplicity
  7. Don't be afraid of white space (quiet time...between heavy sessions)
  8. Communicate effectively with a “visible language” - Organize/Economize/Communicate
  9. Conventions are our friends (standards provide stability/comfort)
  10. Test early/Test often - test how the team is working, their effectiveness and YOUR ability to communicate the right message(s)
Yes - more or less a direct copy from the article, but the same basics apply to many areas

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