Sunday, March 2, 2008

MS Office moving to the web..?? - is that news?
SO? Is this something that anyone didn't think would happen? MS Office 2007 is a mess - probably pushing something out in order to make the last hat pass for $ prior to moving online and looking for other revenue generating avenues (aka Yahoo). It's the end of the desktop as we know it..and I'm OK. Next steps: (my predictions)
  • Desktop OS's become less relevant (only a platform for browsers and widgets)
  • Mobile - complete shift from web to mobile happens in 2008 (in the same way the web exploded, heck, I'm even thinking about getting an iPhone)
  • Web sites are abandoned in mass....specific, centralized sites (mobile focuses) are developed with capacity to develop unique tools for them (aka OpenSocial II)
  • SEO disappears (let's hope) - real usage/value takes over the 'tweaking' of search results (which disappear since since web sites disappear)
  • major media takes a firm hold of the web and transforms it back into the TV (another reason for the move to mobile for innovators)

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