Wednesday, February 27, 2008

WOW! a replacement for the triangle!

On a daily basis I read (scan), and very good sites to stay on top of new things. I also listen to a few podcasts (mostly from being Net@Night.'s a result of trying to stay in touch:

What was a 3-circle description of IA transformed into a honeycomb to represent UX (User Experience - I highly recommend reading the entire article)....FLASH! What about this approach to replacing the OLD PM Triangle?? Internal idea is value surrounded by: quality, time, scope, resources, to rearrange based on risk!!!! So, you can build a model with the users/sponsors of the project focus rearranging the external hexagons based on risk level (the closer in the higher the risk the more required focus....!!!???!!! Need some noodle time to think it through and thanks to Peter Morville for the inspiration (aka someone to steal an idea from)

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