Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What a PMO should be

work for a large company with a lot of project managers running there a PMO (project management office) also??? do you really see value?

often times PMO's are set up to provide structure to project managers, this is very common in matrix organizations where everyone needs to be grouped together - you can't have mixing of roles, that might cause some open communication or successful projects....

To provide strategic value, PMO should be (in my opinion):
  • a change agent for all business processes - no matter how much you code or add tasks to MS Project - unless directly addressed, bad business process will remain
  • base to provide an objective view of project goals, expected and realize value - remove the politics from projects
  • overseer in the development of a core, stable, effective IT group...start with getting the best people, help with effective processes, ensure communication is open and safe
  • driver to put proactive measures in place - start off right and chances are you'll end up right
  • key in driving learning from all projects, learn what worked and didn't work and improve
So, if your PMO is running projects, printing excel reports or only provide monthly 'best practices' reports (based on web searches), it's time to change.......

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