Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bad Management Causes Lives........

Very few of us are involved in decisions that could cause someone's life...but some of us are. Realize and take into appreciation the impact your decisions could have...what is the worst outcome of a bad decision you're making? lose of a job? lose of a few dollars? Perhaps more? Read this CNN article about how mismanagement caused some of out Marines lives:
  • long term goals getting in the way of necessary short term needs
  • bad communication/follow up
  • decision makers without in depth knowledge (something like PM's without domain knowledge)
  • post impact finger pointing - probably causing more financial impact then erring on the cautious side to begin with (and a person's life can not be measured by dollars so I won't even go there).

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  1. I really liked this was very interesting and i am going to take it along with me in life wherever i go. thank you so much