Saturday, March 15, 2008

Training your staff

One of the few sports I'm into is boxing....the sweet science. I've always felt that the most important responsibilities of any manager is to help her/his staff (aka people) advance and grow....even after a failed project, if you people have grown (and hopefully stayed), you've provided value to your company. My View from the Corner is about a master trainer (Ali's trainer/corner man) - Angelo Dundee. Not only is it a great read and contains a lot of old boxing stories, it also contains a wealth of general training advice that any manager would benefit from.

  • everyone is different/an individual
  • understand their natural strengths and don't change them (fine tune, but don't damage)
  • don't put the person in a position where the probability of failure is high
  • know your job - and never stop learning - so you can properly support and 'fix' them
  • where you are weak in supporting your people - get others to fill the gaps
  • and much more.......
overall a great read with great insight

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