Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Are there so few Project Management Tool users out there?

There must be a severe shortage of project management tool users in the world. It seems that every PM tool that I trial is followed by weeks of phone calls from the company...not emails....phone calls. Common sense tells me that, if they had enough users they wouldn't spend the effort ($$$) on personal follow ups - right? I'm not talking about small PM tool shops..I'm talking ALL PM Tool shops.

I'm assuming this is a reflection on the state of current project management, it's just not happening. Why? Good question. I see job ads for PM's everywhere. There's hundreds of books, websites (this one), classes, etc.........but if there's little use of some basic and good tools...could it be that:
  • the tools are not inline with what is needed?? (possible)
  • PM's are not aware of available tools? (low probability)
  • there's some mystery tool that ALL PM's are using - and not telling anyone about? (no..)
  • project managers are not project managing? (possible)
  • MS Excel is really the only tool needed (mmmmmm...maybe)
  • initial use is high, but long term use of any tool is low, people move back to the comfort zone of email..... (possible)
I have a suspicious feeling that the tools are not providing long term value (value = benefit - cost of use - cost of ownership).......as simple as that.
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