Monday, April 7, 2008

Who are you to judge?

It's easy to quickly pass judgment on a person's performance and capabilities - but the bigger question is, is how accurate and/or fair is that judgment? I'm typically a very binary type of person - good or bad - on or off - etc. (or not etc.)....but when it comes to judging performance and capabilities, there are often many factors to take into consideration. Why bring this up in a PM blog? Often a PM's is asked to judge a resources performance/capability in assigning work, determine change in project course, etc. Since there is no such thing as being completely objective (we're all humans), the most important thing is to be consistent, to know your own limitations and to have external data points (other opinions). I often find it useful to identify a base capable/productive person and then relate the others to that base careful not to judge on the most recent occurrence, but on the historic trend (we all have bad days)....and be prepared to be judged yourself (judge - judge thyself?)
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