Thursday, April 23, 2009

The cold hard facts about Quality

I’ve been involved in too many projects where quality is spoken about, tested for and held up high only to have it the first thing thrown out the door when delivery issues arise. It is often used as a reason for late delivery and a weapon to increase project costs. Let’s be upfront about a few things regarding quality:
  • Its more than functionality of the application
  • It’s much more then how the web page looks
  • It should not be determined by a designer or QA person alone
  • It’s not free OR cheap
Quality issues are always a symptom of the real problem, you can’t directly impact quality, but you can
  • increase/decrease design time
  • QA time/involvement
  • sponsor/user interviews and involvement
  • overall team quality (hire right, train and mentor) 
  • ensure effective management (which impacts communication)
A good team is one that never discusses quality, because it’s a given that top quality will always be strived for.

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