Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Saying Thank You and Meaning Thank You

I tend to have a bad habit of saying what I mean and another one of often saying thank you…I’m not sure if it’s old age (I feel old), appreciation of things (thanks Joseph Campbell) an appreciation of the comedy of life (thanks Bill Murray)…or what…but I truly appreciate when people make a good effort in what every they are doing and especially when it’s related to something that I’ve asked them to do. If someone really wanted to know what I think of as being a good quality of mine, this would be one of them. What bothers me, as you might guess, are people who either show no appreciation for other’s efforts OR provide superficial supporting comments/actions based on some evil management course. As managers, leaders, peers – we need to begin to truly emphasize and realize the efforts of others if we are to achieve anything more then superficial success. Sermon over for the day.

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