Wednesday, April 15, 2009

When the bottleneck is you!

Busy, more work than time in the day? Having to spend more and more time prioritizing to make sure the most important items get the focus? Worried that any more work and you’ll be in complete overload? Sit back, put your feet up and think for a moment….are these signs that you’re creating your own problems, that you’re placing yourself in the way of progress for your team and have made yourself into a bottleneck of progress? NO – you say…can’t be…I’m the most important cog in this machine and that’s why I’m so busy...take an outer body trip and look at yourself and your team, could it be:
  • Unwillingness to delegate (could be many reasons for this)
  • Your need for involvement in EVERYTHING as a form of job security
  • Inability to conclude/finish small/low-priority items to the level that they require (aka good enough)
  • Analysis Paralysis? Basic lack of knowing when enough is enough and willingness to take a calculated chance?
In most cases you CAN NOT correct the issue of being overworked by working harder, you cannot correct it by getting help (unless you are truly over worked and are willing to effectively delegate) AND you cannot correct the issue by looking outside of yourself. Sit back, be VERY objective and try something new.

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  1. That's exactly how I've been feeling almost for 6 months. It is really hard to look from outside when you're on the cycle. But i'm trying something new.