Monday, September 14, 2009

Dr. StrangeFramework or how I learned to stop worrying and love the layers

Part 2 – there’s no end like a front end
I wanted to focus a bit on the user interface, my prior attempts using trees and such were ok, but just ok. I knew I wanted to use base html/jquery (no Flash), so I started at, looked at some of the addons and took a swing: I only focused on what I considered the main screen, the project page and overall I think it’s reasonably user friendly (something that might change once I add in all the base project related fields). The layout is basic, using tabs for projects and sliding panels for project details…seems like a simple/clean design. The biggest challenge was uniquely identifying fields by project, so from tab to tab the changing of a ‘start date’ field for instance would only be updated for that specific project. As a new project is added, a new tab created with the project identified fields…as always jquery made most of the work easy and coding amount/time small….next step, decoupling

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