Friday, February 23, 2007

Google vs. Microsoft

As many of you probably know by now Google is challenging Microsoft in MS's sweet spot of profits - MS Office. Goliath vs. Goliath. Some people might be hearing about web based spreadsheet and word processing for the first time, but this has been in existence for some time ( My first impression - 'this is the end of the beginning' - the move to Internet based services have been in effect for MANY years, now that a huge company is actively pushing fundamental office tools reflects the maturity of the market and the ultimate move to it. It'll be here and in place before most expect and, I'm imagining, an easier transformation then many would expect. Some interesting questions:
  • Did Google time this to correspond with MS's Vista and new office announcements (if you're going to change, why not make the big change)
  • What type of privacy will be in place AND how liable will Google be for any leaks?
  • Will MS move to the same approach and make the correct business move OR stay tied to an old technology milking it for as long as possible (end of the MS empire? - is this why Bill Gates is moving on?)
  • Will this make the 'Internet community' more active?

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  1. Hi

    Nice Blog just on this i have two issues one of which you eluded to.
    i) Security - Firstly using the Internet and secondly the physical location of where the data sits. From what I have seen, previous attempts at a web based office (MS's very own .net services (i think)) fell down because users don't feel safe if they don't know exactly where data is (and they prefer it on-site).

    ii) I think google's tool is awesome because lower level tech systems like cell phones, pda, and now anything that can access the web will have full use of office tools without needing the system requirements like memory and process capability.

    In summary i think this is a good time for the tool. with google's past it should do well. I disagree that this will bring a new age as i don't think it actually fits everyone. it will take its place in the myriad of useful technologies. especially in this new globalized world.