Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Want to stand out?

If you want something to stand out make sure the surroundings are consistent. A tree in a desert gets your attention more then a the tree in a forest. The same holds true for project plans. Your plans should follow a consistent look and feel and the critical/risk areas need to stand out by being different - or consistently different. For example: if you plan has major topics (environment, requirements, development, etc) and sub tasks (under environment you have review, design, implement, etc.) - the areas that you want to stand out should contain a specific, but unique, major topic - for example: RISK AREA or MAIN FOCUS AREA or MAIN PROJECT VALUE. This ensures that everyone's attention, from end users to upper management, are directly drawn to the area of the project that you feel needs the most attention. If each project plan you present is different in format,major topic areas, included data, etc. - the attention you want focused to one area will be spread across the entire plan as people try to understand the plan you are presenting.

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