Monday, February 5, 2007

Under Allocated Resources

What are they doing?? That is an important question. As important as it is to review over allocated people (you scheduled them to do to much) - under allocated resources also present a risk area. Are they working on tasks that you're not aware of - this may lead to identifying those missed tasks in your plan that could cause major problems. are they working on other projects? if so what is the risk of their other activities impacting your project? When things are not going as well as expected, one comment one often hears is that people are not working hard enough - what if this isn't true? What if people are putting in all sorts of effort, but it's not being tracked....did you under estimate work effort? if so how under estimated is the entire project? did you miss important tasks? What if you're sharing resources with other projects and at some point you require more of their time - how much is available. I think the point I'm trying to get to is that Under Allocated Resources (according to your plan) present the same level of risk - if not more - then Over Allocated Resource. With over allocated resources, you know what the issue is - under allocated??? better find out.

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