Sunday, November 25, 2007

CMS - next big step?

Content Management Systems (CMS's) have been around for some time, however solid, stable, common CMS packages are just coming to maturity. It provides another layer to the bare CPU and allows for non-Web people to create sophisticated web sites.....blah blah blah...same old spin - which is interesting in itself. Just as the OS moved people away from the chip/assembly code and a graphical interface with a standard set of office (word processing, spreadsheet, etc.) moved people away from the OS....a CMS is another layer in the system - but an interesting one. It allows for application of content instead of just creation and distribution (office products). A person can now develop a website, with Web 2.0 functionality, eCommerce and easy content update without the need of in depth IT knowledge. IT people can now focus on developing modules and add-ons to CMS's, extending their power and range...something that is in desperate need (Yes - Ms/Mr IT, back to the workhouse for you). From recent reviews, I see 3 mature CMS's: Drupal, Joomla and SharePoint (I'm not a Microsoft fan...but it is a GOOD product).

In working with SharePoint - a neat implementation comes to mind...creating multiple sub-sites, one being the target deliverables the other a site for the project team to use and collaborate with. So, not only is the CMS the delivery, it assists with the about ensuring high levels of communication and engaging project members. Training on the product as you use it to create the project....add another site for testing, etc.....all within the same CMS environment.....not only is the CMS another layer, it's the main interaction layer - once removed from the OS...the OS takes a back seat and becomes less significant.

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