Monday, November 19, 2007

PHP framework - task ID 1.25 delivery - silly me

Part of the functionality I wanted for the web site was a CMS (content management system) - that would allow easy updates to plan content, etc. I forgot to include in the requirements, base plan and decision process of selecting the php framework. When I realized it, I had to determine if there was a CMS that worked with the framework (Cakephp) and how it would work. Luckily, there are smarter people out there then me and there are CMS's associated with the various frameworks (Seagull has it built in). After realizing my mistake, I updated the plan, lessons learned and will need to create another doc for the CMS selection process. I also decided that I wanted to install the CMS sooner then later in order to have a site where I can clearly document my progress, notes, etc.

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