Sunday, November 25, 2007

PHP framework - task ID 1.3 and 1.4 completed

Task 1.3 - Select an IDE - this was an easy one, I had a copy of NuSphere PhpEd - a very good, easy to use IDE. I tried NVU prior and think it's VERY good for an open source (older) tool. There's also ZEND.....which I found to be on par with NuSphere PhpEd. End of the day, one wasn't significantly better then another and since I had a valid NuSphere's the one.

Task 1.4 - Objectives: (somewhat defined in the initiation doc:
  • Stay employable by staying in touch with current web technologies (upgrade my knowledge)
  • Understand NEW web site creation approaches
  • Better grasp of PHP - especially OO
  • Understand strengths/weaknesses of various frameworks
  • Understand CMS's

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