Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Amazingly Powerful

So - another long night......but I feel that I've found the trail of the Ox. After setting up Ubuntu 7.10 I decided to take on the challenge of LAMP. Initially I was thinking that given the each of the Ubuntu install LAMP would be a single install package...and it is for the Ubuntu Server version, but not the desktop version....and I've come to clearly find out that not all install how to web articles are built the the end of the night (early morning) everything was up and running including Drupal (why not - right?). All I have to say is that the LAMP combo is powerful. A complete OS, Web Server, Database Server and PHP interpreter running on a old desktop....with a CMS tool to kick source proves itself again. A little bumpier then the Ubuntu install....but doable in a night and the potential of anyone wanting a complete web server having one for free is simply amazing and unthinkable not to long ago. I am impressed.....

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