Sunday, December 23, 2007

State of MASystems

A short time ago I started a small - sort of - made up project -

To some extent it was to provide an example how I would approach task discovery and some extent to get my Martial Arts site going somewhere (a million dollar idea worth 5 cents). As part of the process I selected Drupal, CakePHP, etc. as the tech platform with some very beneficial results. The benefit?
  • deeper understanding of the open source community
  • GREAT appreciation of Drupal (IT IS POWERFUL!!)
  • GREAT appreciation of CakePHP! (POWERFUL - IBM, etc. are utilizing it)
  • MVC - Model View Control and what it really means
  • LAMP - better appreciation of the #1 platform for the internet
  • Understanding of what the service industry could be - give the product away and provide the service (take all the fish you want, if you want them cleaned and cooked - well, that's $1 an hour)
What did I deliver (still incomplete web site....oh well)
  • LAMP setup on my laptop (Ubuntu, Apache 2, MySQL 5 and PHP 5)
  • Drupal setup on laptop and website (v 5.5)
  • CakePHP setup on laptop and website
  • base sites via Drupal, base test apps via CakePHP
  • Multi-Site setup via Drupal (WOW! this is amazing!)
  • Use of scaffolding in CakePHP (another wow!)
  • Review of MANY Drupal Modules
It's amazing what you could learn when determined and open to new ideas and ways....sometimes when you're under strict time driven deliveries you loose opportunities...the real finding (read but did not fully appreciate Slack via Tom DeMarco)

Next Steps?
  • get more in-depth knowledge of Drupal, CakePHP, etc
  • refine my PM/Task approach
  • look for the next path
  • someday finish up the web site

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