Thursday, December 13, 2007

Project Charter

I'm sure all PM's know what a project charter is...right? According to wikipedia it's a'...a statement of the scope, objectives and participants in a project...' - is that correct? Just a statement? Unfortunately in many cases that's just what it is..a statement of intent that is soon forgotten. A charter provides the PM with the authority to 'get the job done' based on the conditions within it....a bit of a different perspective, but one that make the document a lot more meaningful. Once signed, the PM is responsible (yes, the PM is responsible) to fulfill the directives in the charter who's end result is the accomplishment of the given goals/objectives. Be careful what you present and what you agree to......taking responsibility is a lot tougher then agreeing to a statement. This is what the big paycheck is all about. You, the PM, have a responsibility to fulfill and deliver the goals/objectives with the best interest of your clients in mind.....put the Gantt chart down, forget about PMBOK best practices and put your priorities in order...deliver the added value that will ensure project success...and have some fun.

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