Sunday, January 27, 2008

Single Page

One image I keep is my mind is the Charles Minard poster of Naploean's campaign, via Edward Tufte's incredible research, web site and books: Every report, presentation (read Edward Tufte's thoughts on Power Point), web page, blog posting, etc. I put together I mentally compare to the Minard Map and realize how far I have to go. I've been able to get project plans near to a single page(example here:, using a spreadsheet with data density, color and information geared towards to expected viewer...but realize there's huge room for improvement. I just reviewed another project management tool website (not ready to name names) and had to jump to 4 pages prior to viewing what the project was about and what the plan was...not a good thing. Maybe we (meaning me) can focus on coming up with ideas to get PM information down to a single page....including goals/objectives, status, plans, risks.....I think mind mapping is important and could play a role, and perhaps the use of a map like the one above, showing objectives, tasks, etc......any ideas of prior viewed work from others would be appreciated. I think one hurdle is separating the entry/maintenance of project information from project presentation (and gantt charts are far from where we need to be).

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