Friday, January 25, 2008

The Triangle part 2

In a prior post I started to get into my dislike for the PM Triangle that concerns itself with scope, cost and time and quality and....well, it's not really a triangle. My solution (not sure if it's original), is to use a model more like a polar type chart where the outside points represent each risk area being focused on and the area created by the scope/size of each risk relates to the additional cost/effort for the project. (the one on the right is just a good example from the Univ of Cambridge). There's still a limitation on points that can be represented, but the points should be the top risk areas for the specific project, a zero area graph shows the base project cost and any incremental area exposed by increased risks represent additional buffer costs added to the project (some calculation based on potential of risk occurring, impact if the risk did occur and possible mitigation plan....). I envision sliders being used to change the risk potential/impact to allow easy day, if I can find some free sliders and graph web code (javascript + php I think), maybe I'll give it a try

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