Friday, May 2, 2008

Is this tomorrow for software development?

To date, I've been involved with two projects through oDesk and I have to say, it's been a very positive experience! From registering, to reviewing open job requests, interviewing, accepting, working and completing - the entire process is simple and clear. In my mind Web 2.5 is all about removing the middle people (political correct version of middle men) - where the supplier is working directly with the consumer, reducing costs, confusion, etc. oDesk does this for IT (and associated) providers. There are obvious adjustments that need to be made for working in this model, but the potential of direct access provides the benefit in this model. Here are some basic thoughts:
  • Costs will be driven down with barriers to remote resources removed
  • oDesk's management of payments, reviews of providers, etc. reduce risks of management and resource quality selection
  • Remote resource/project management will gain more focus
  • Open source will expand even more (remote providers are more likely to utilize free/open source tools - GO PHP!)
  • Project Managers/Analysts will need to adopt to more remote resource communication (adjust terminology, detail level, etc. as required)
  • On-Shore (US) consultant agencies, development shops, service providers will need to adopt...or else
All interesting and positive in many ways!

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